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Florida Concealed Carry Information
Everything about concealed carry directly from the State of Florida Division of Licensing web site

Interactive Firearms Training Systems

Virtual target and scenario training systems are currently being used by military and law enforcement agencies world wide. These systems are designed for laser fire and/or live fire.

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300 degree virtual scenario simulator.
Simulated and live
fire virtual target systems by LaserShot.
Meggitt Training Systems. AKA FireArms Training Simulators (F.A.T.S.)
ies Interactive Training portable simulators.

Interactive Firearms Training LLC is not affiliated with any of the above companies. For informational purposes only.

2nd Amendment Supportive Groups
Concealed carry application procedures and reciprocity for all 50 states.
Armed citizen's post incident legal defense services.
2nd Amendment Foundation. Second amendment watch dog group.
NRA, Complete guide to all NRA programs
US Concealed Carry Assocition . Information, training and supplies.
Empowerment for women through knowledge and training. Listing of female shooter groups.
Nine (9) myths of gun control. Must reading!

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