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Concealed Carry Course

Concealed carry weapon or firearm license course

Our cost is currently $100 with everything included!!!
State application packet, use of a firearm, ammunition, target, safety gear, range fee, photograph and fingerprints. Click here for schedule

The State of Florida requires that anyone applying for a concealed weapon/firearm license first complete a firearm safety training course adminstered by a legally qualified individual such as a NRA certified instructor.

All IFT instructors are NRA certified and our concealed carry course goes well beyond meeting all Florida requirements for firearm safety training as required by Florida statute.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded with a certificate for Firearms Safety Training signed by a NRA instructor. You will also receive a complete state of Florida CWL application packet including a fingerprint card. We will assist you in filling out in your application.

Course content:
  • mechanics of revolvers
  • mechanics of semi-automatics
  • possible ammunition malfunctions
  • possible firearm malfunctions
  • safe handling and storage
  • firearm maintenance 
  • shooting fundamentals
  • Florida reciprocity
  • Florida statutes 790. and 776.

Course time is approximately two and a half (2.5) hours.

Information on our private courses.
Information on our open courses schedule.
information on application processing procedure options

                                                                                                      PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING

1. You must be 21 years of age to apply for a Florida concealed weapon license.
2. The course fee is separate from the $97.00 application processing fee you must pay to the state. Information on
application processing procedures.
3. If you have ever been arrested call the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Division of Licensing to see if you qualify for a concealed weapon license. The phone number is (850) 245-5691. L
ist of all eligibility requirements for a State of Florida concealed weapon license.
If you are currently in or were previously in the U.S.military and can supply proof of firearm training or a copy of you DD 214 form confirming previous firearms training you do not need to take this course as that will qualify you for a concealed weapon license.  Retired law enforcement officers are also pre-qualified for a Florida CWL. Please call 850-245-5691 for information and to have an application mailed to you.