Interactive Firearms Training LLC      Fort Lauderdale FL, U.S.A.
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About Us

Hi everybody

My name is Mike Harrison. I am the owner operator of Interactive Firearms Training LLC and would like to thank you for the opportunity to present our services.

I started this company with the concept of allowing interested individuals the option of either attending a pre-scheduled CWL course or to schedule their firearms training class at their convenience and to do so at a fair and reasonable rate. The reasoning was based on the fact that many of the people I spoke with stated the same two reasons for never having attended a firearms training course to obtain their concealed weapon license; a) scheduling issues and b) the high cost associated with many programs.

I am trying to offer a more accessible and affordable approach for attending a firearms training course by accommodating the scheduling needs of those interested and by keeping the course cost as low as possible as well as offering a multiple participant discount for those scheduling prvate training.
All Interactive Firearms Training instructors are licensed, certified, experienced firearms trainers. All training will be conducted in a professional manner and our concealed carry courses will be administered in full compliance with Florida state statutes. 
If you have any questions, require additional information or wish to schedule a course, please contact me at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and have a safe day,

NRA Certified Instructor

                                                  Licensed and Insured                                                FL. Lic. No. A2600363